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New York City Tax Fraud And Evasion Defense Lawyers

At Miedel & Mysliwiec LLP, we defend individuals against serious charges of tax fraud and tax evasion, including:

  • Offshore accounts fraud
  • Abusive tax shelters
  • Corporate tax fraud
  • Employment tax fraud
  • Money laundering

There are many ways to be targeted for prosecution:

  • Underreporting income
  • Not filing a return
  • Falsifying deductions
  • Hiding income
  • Overstating deductions
  • Falsifying record-keeping
  • Maintaining two sets of books
  • Abusing charitable deductions

Criminal tax cases typically involve in-depth analysis of complex financial audits. Not every firm has the intellectual resources for this level of complexity. Our firm has two qualified tax crime defense attorneys, plus the resources of specialized tax professionals, whose assistance as expert witnesses can be called upon as necessary.

There are firms that charge lower fees in tax fraud and tax evasion cases. The number that matters, however, is the amount you save in the end. Many of our cases have involved delinquencies in six and seven figures. Our clients, whether they are individuals or businesses, appreciate that the smaller the check they write at the end of this process, the more valuable our services are.

Attorneys Florian Miedel and Aaron Mysliwiec can assess your case and provide reliable counsel on the best way forward. You are invited to call the tax fraud and evasion defense lawyers at Miedel & Mysliwiec LLP in New York City at 212-235-1129 or to describe your situation using this form.