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Forensic Evidence Experience

In today’s world of criminal defense, lawyers have to be knowledgeable about forensic evidence, its advantages for our clients and the most successful methods for challenging it. Miedel & Mysliwiec LLP has specialized experience in these areas.

Recently, the National Research Council for the National Academy of Sciences issued a groundbreaking report on the weaknesses of law enforcement’s collection and analysis of forensic evidence such as DNA, fingerprints, ballistics, and hair and fiber samples.

Our attorneys have learned the science in these areas, have consulted national experts and are on the forefront of challenging the admission of such evidence in criminal trials.

In addition to using cutting-edge research to challenge the admissibility of faulty scientific evidence, our attorneys are experienced in confronting a variety of expert witnesses in investigations, pretrial hearings and at trial, including:

  • Psychologists testifying about a client’s IQ and ability to understand Miranda warnings
  • DNA technicians
  • Fingerprint examiners
  • Doctors testifying about injuries and causes of death
  • Sexual assault forensic examiners
  • Ballistics experts
  • Other expert witnesses