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Mr. Miedel and Mr. Mysliwiec routinely represent clients in high profile cases that attract local and national news coverage.

Aaron Mysliwiec quoted in the NY Times regarding a current representation.

The New York Times

Florian Miedel secured a minimal sentence for a high-profile client in international soccer corruption/bribery scandal

The New York Times

Ex-Judge Given 8 Months In First FIFA Scandal Sentence

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Aaron Mysliwiec represented a crucial witness and potential target in a high-profile public corruption investigation that ended with no charges.
Willamette Week

KGW.com | Portland

Florian Miedel persuades judge to impose only 6 months jail time for former IRS revenue officer facing significant jail time for tax fraud and perjury charges.
Daily News


Miedel & Mysliwiec secures dismissal of federal charges against an internet company executive

The New York Times

Florian Miedel achieves release of Guatemalan Judge in FIFA Corruption Case.

The New York Times

Aaron Mysliwiec secures dismissal of real estate fraud/grand larceny charges in alleged $8.33 million Ponzi scheme case where client faced 8 & 1/3 – 25 years in prison.

Staten Island Advance | Powering Silive.com

Florian Miedel’s client acquitted of importing multiple kilos of cocaine into the United States.


Together with Joshua Dratel, Aaron Mysliwiec secures acquittal of non-profit Board Chairman on more than 30 charges related to alleged money laundering and terrorism financing.
The Washington Post

The New York Times

Florian Miedel interviewed about his representation of the “Fox News Mole.”

The washington post

Florian Miedel obtained bond for his client charged with a $7 million fraud in federal court

New York Post

Aaron Mysliwiec secures plea deal for the minimum sentence where the client had faced life without parole on terrorism charges in the first ever terrorism prosecution brought by the New York County District Attorney’s Office.
Daily News

The New York Times

Florian Miedel interviewed about his representation of an Iranian widow charged with providing material support to a designated terrorist organization.

abc News

Aaron Mysliwiec secures non-jail plea and no criminal record for a client accused of assaulting another person with acid mixture.

Daily News

Aaron Mysliwiec consulted by the Chicago Tribune regarding state statutes relating to terrorism prosecutions.

Chicago Tribune

Florian Miedel interviewed about the successful resolution of several cases for his client, a well-known graffiti artist.

Daily News

Florian Miedel interviewed in New York Law Journal about his success in achieving a reversal of his client’s conviction in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

New York Law Journal

Citing state prosecutors who ignore misconduct, attorney Aaron Mysliwiec, president of The New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, calls for a commission to create accountability for wrongful acts by prosecutors.


Aaron Mysliwiec featured as guest speaker on the Ross Kaminsky show, Radio 850 Denver. Click here to hear him speak about the nonindictment in the Eric Garner case and the issue of police using excessive force to make arrests.

850 KOA News Radio

Florian Miedel represents Vladimir Drinkman, described by the U.S. Justice Department as leading the “largest international hacking and data breach scheme ever prosecuted.”

USA Today | A Gannett Company

Florian Miedel secures dismissal of all campaign finance fraud charges against New York City Council Campaign.
The New York Times