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New York City Cybercrime Defense Lawyers

To be accused of a computer-based federal crime is to enter the cyber forensic realm of the law. The attorneys at Miedel & Mysliwiec LLP have been effective in defending clients in this challenging area. We defend individuals charged with:

  • Cyber fraud, credit card and identity theft, investment fraud, Ponzi schemes, email scams, phishing scams, counterfeit money orders, online auction scams, dating fraud, online bank fraud, copyright infringement, breach of contract
  • Intrusion, denial-of-service attacks, hacking, malware, rogue security software, cyber vandalism, theft of information or money
  • Computer harassment, damage to reputation, threats, extortion, net-based drug trafficking

The internet is the new frontier for law enforcement. If you face criminal investigation of an online crime, our lawyers have the forensic and technological skills to defend your rights.

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