Experienced Criminal & Civil Litigation Attorneys For The Toughest Cases

Civil Litigation

Miedel & Mysliwiec LLP has extensive civil litigation experience in areas such as civil rights, commercial disputes, civil fraud, insurance claims and other areas. Firm attorneys have obtained several significant monetary awards for clients who were assaulted by the police, falsely arrested or had their civil rights violated in some other way.

Our attorneys have also represented dozens of companies and individuals in other areas of civil litigation. Our extensive litigation experience and demonstrated willingness to take cases to trial have persuaded adversaries in the civil litigation arena to offer favorable settlements.

Civil Rights Litigation:

  • Obtained six-figure settlements in NYPD false arrest/malicious prosecution cases litigated in federal court
  • Successfully pursued Federal Tort Claims Act action against U.S. Marshals Service and Bureau of Prisons
  • Obtained high five-figure settlement in civil rights suit against New York City Department of Corrections

Other Civil Litigation:

  • Litigated several disability insurance claims
  • Assisted in the successful trial defense of a defamation claim against a news organization
  • Assisted in the defense and settlement of a New York State civil fraud case
  • Assisted in the defense of several mass tort claims against Fortune 500 companies