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3 reasons to hire an American attorney to fight international extradition

Imagine sitting in a foreign jail while U.S. officials seek to extradite you to the United States to face criminal charges. In such a scenario, many thoughts are probably running through your head: Do I fight extradition? Or should I waive it? And who should I hire to help me, a criminal defense attorney from the U.S. or legal counsel from the country in which I was arrested, or both?

What are my options if I'm arrested abroad and facing extradition to the U.S.?

While being accused of a criminal offense is already a terrifying and confusing experience, your situation quickly becomes more difficult and complicated if you have been arrested abroad and are now trying to determine whether to fight an international extradition to the United States.

International traveling with a criminal record

Whether it is for business or for pleasure, people travel for many different reasons. While traveling internationally is often a positive and relatively pain-free experience, it can be hindered by some things and even prevented altogether by others. One of the primary issues that has the potential to prevent international travel is a criminal history.

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